National Girl Child Day 2023 [January 24] - Cossouq
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National Girl Child Day

Celebrating National girl child day doesn't mean we hate boys. People often make this a synonym for it. This has to STOP! The idea behind the celebration is to eliminate gender discrimination.

National Girl Child Day is celebrated in India yearly on January 24. It was initiated in 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. To spread public awareness about girls' inequities in Indian society. It raise awareness about the rights of a girl child and the importance of their education, health, and nutrition.

Now you must be thinking, why Celebrate National Girl Child Day, and why don't we celebrate National Boy Child day?

Well, if you really think the same, I would request you to recall those times when your parent said to your sister that we always consider you as our "Son" and never considered you as our daughter.

Why do Indian parents call their daughter "Beta" but won't ever call their son "Beti"? This symbolises why Daughters are so special! This is the root cause of inequality. This is where the seed of gender inequality arises, where parents want sons to be their first choice. The majority of the population still wants females to be poised and shy and live in the limited sky. But there are outgoing girls who question the world and live like the sky is the limit. Alas, these girls are often labelled as bold, rude and impudent.

There are many mothers and sisters who are still forced to live under extensive limitations. For them, the kitchen is their destination by birth, and adjustment is what they are born for. Education is common for both gender, but for a girl, it is a starter for a marriage proposal and for boys, it's the ultimate career upgrowth. We live in a society where a girl craves equity, love, respect and freedom. At the same time, boys are by birth born with this freedom. So, the question is, Why a girl has to beg for these simple things?

The answer to this is prevailing cultural and social norms, which dictate that women should be subservient to men. According to Unicef, "Only 49 per cent of countries have achieved gender parity in primary education."

All gender inequality rises because of

  • Lack of awareness
  • Poverty
  • Child marriage
  • Gender-based violence.

And to eradicate this, our Indian government evokes the nation via National Girl Child Day, where they are promoting awareness, encouraging education for girl child, and empowering girls to lead. They fight against female feticide. Encourage women's safety, education and health.

This event's goal is to inspire the nation to fulfil its commitment to helping young girls grow into educated professionals with access to

  • Quality education
  • Career-based academic opportunities
  • Equal opportunity in a world free from discrimination.

Cossouq believes in bashing all gender-based stereotypes and inequalities. We support and respect government of india's initiative to put forth an attempt to make every girl feel they are strong, equal and not burden!