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Taking care of your newly born is a full-time job. And no matter how much you love it, at some point, it might get exhausting while picking up the right products for your toddler. This happens especially when you are going out with your baby. Apart from the whole utility bag, you also need to make sure that outer weather conditions are suitable for your baby. Hot summer days are the ones where we need to be super cautious of the skin damage it can cause to your baby. I mean, isn’t it obvious? Because as an adult, we know how much UVA and UVB rays could harm our skin, your little one has 3 times thinner skin which makes it more prone to sun damage. You might think that the solution is simple and as common as for adults, sunscreen. Well, in this case, you are right as well as wrong. Right, because there are sunscreens available in the market for your baby. Wrong, because it is not recommended to use it until your baby is 6 months and older. Though there are skincare products available in the market for your baby that are safe for them since birth. But there is an exception for sunscreens. The skin cancer foundation recommends using alternate methods like dressing them in cotton clothes that provide full coverage, and are light in shade until the first 6 months. After six months and above you can start the use of sunscreen lotion for kids because they might get fussy with the full coverage clothes. 

To keep your little ones sun-safe, one alternative is the selection of sun-proof clothing and another one is opting for a skin safe sunscreen. In those small exposed areas which cannot be covered by clothes, sunscreen comes to the rescue. But what to look for when you are buying  sunscreen lotion for your kids? Let us guide you on that. Young skin is very sensitive and therefore it is important to keep them away from sunscreen with chemical preservatives. Make sure to look for contents like zinc oxide, since they are reflective in nature. Also, take note that the  baby sunscreen has an SPF of 30 or higher in order to provide maximum protection from harmful rays. Now that after a lot of speculation, you have found the best baby sunscreen for your little one, here are some tips to consider before using sunscreen on toddlers

  • Baby sunscreen with SPF 50 tends to be the best one, though anything above SPF 30 is good to go
  • Apply a small patch on your baby’s skin to check the suitability of the lotion
  • Try to apply it before 20 minutes of going outside in the sun so that it binds to the skin
  • Reapply every two hours for better protection
  • Check for the expiry date before buying baby sunscreen
  • Use sunscreen even on cloudy days because clouds do not absorb the UV radiation

There is a huge range of baby sunscreen available in India and the nature-based formulas are loved the most by parents. To name a few, Mamaearth mineral-based sunscreen, Mother sparsh natural sunscreen, The moms co. mineral-based sunscreen, Sebamedbaby sunscreen lotion SPF50 are a few non-greasy and irritation-free formulas available. 

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