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    Ducray nutricerat intense nutrition mask, 150ml
    Ducray Ducray nutricerat intense nutrition mask, 150ml
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    Ducray nutricerat intense nutrition shampoo, 200ml
    Ducray Ducray nutricerat intense nutrition shampoo, 200ml
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Ducray - Buy Ducray Products Online

Ducray, is an age-old brand, whose inception took place back in 1900. A young hairdresser named Albert Ducray whose curiosity lead to the birth of this brand. He noticed the damaging effects of soap powders and decided to come up with a healthy alternative for hair. From there the brand saw a boost which slowly led them to discover Ictyane with a galenic composition which is a trusted component for dry skin. And with this, the brand set out on a journey to develop products to treat skin disorders. With the help of innovation and science, Ducray offers synergistic care to improve patients’ quality of life. There is a range of  Ducray products  focusing on your hair and skin concern

Ducray Hair Products

The range of Ducray hair products is available as per the respective concern. 

For hair loss

Hair loss is one of the common issues of hair problems but the frequency of it can vary due to different conditions. There are different causes of hair loss for instance 

  • Seasonal loss, with the start of spring or autumn, temporary hair loss may occur.
  • Stress-associated loss, when your body is in shock due to stress or anxiety, hair loss is one type of reaction that occurs
  • Dietary deficiency is also one of the reasons for hair loss. When your body is not getting enough nutrients, the deficiency is reflected in your hair.
  • Postpartum hair loss, the hormonal imbalance can also cause hair loss

To tackle either type of hair loss, Ducray has

  • ANACAPS (Progressiv) - Food supplement for your hair that promotes longevity in chronic conditions
  • ANACAPS (Reactiv) - An oral food supplement for acute hair and nail conditions
  • ANAPHASE+(Shampoo and conditioner) - This shampoo adds volume and strengthens your hair while ANAPHASE+ conditioner is a lightweight detangling formula to keep your hair soft all-day
  • NEOPTIDE - This anti-hair fall lotion is a no-rinse formula, available for both men and women.
  • Tonifying gel - To stimulate the scalp and nourish hair bulbs

For dandruff

Living with the white flakes condition, dandruff can affect your daily lifestyle. Ducray's anti-dandruff range of  shampoo, conditioners, and lotion provides a solution to tackle dandruff, redness, and itching

  • ELUTION - While ELUTION shampoo deeply hydrates the scalp, its conditioner rebalances shampoo while detangling hair.
  • KELUAL - It is a Kerato-reducing emulsion that helps get rid of cradle caps in infants
  • SQUANORM - The SQUANORM shampoo helps treat dry dandruff while soothing the scalp. And the Zinc anti-dandruff lotion is a no-rinse formula to deeply moisturize the hair follicles.

Other hair care products include  NUTRICERAT hair mask  for smooth hair, ARGEAL, DENSIAGE, KERTYOL, SABAL, SENSINOL treats several other hair concerns like oily scalp, dry hair, hair thinning, psoriasis, itchy scalp, etc. 

Ducray skincare products

DEXYANE range to treat atopic eczema,  HIDROSIS CONTROL to tackle excess perspiration,  ICTYANE range to treat dry, dull, and lifeless skin, IKERIANE range to treat thick skin or scaly skin conditions, and  KERACNYL to treat the acne-prone skin condition. Look into the Ducray skincare product range and pick the right fit for your skin concern.

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