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    NiZen Collagen Noni Cream, 50ml
    NiZen NiZen Collagen Noni Cream, 50ml
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NiZen came into existence when its parent company Nizona Corporation, Japan decided to develop a healthcare brand that is all about ‘Holistic Well-being’. Through NiZen, the founders aim to bring the finest range of made-in-Japan products. 

The brand NiZen by Nizona was conceptualized to bring the secret of Japanese longevity and health to the world by reaching all corners affordably and sustainably. Some of the products from this Japanese brand include collagen powder premix, probiotic collagen drink, organic Japanese matcha, skin collagen tablets, etc. To ultimately improve the health and wellness of all people remains the central theme of all these products. The entire brand and all its products are designed keeping in mind the aspect of ‘Holistic Well-being.’

The brand believes that real health begins from within and this can be achieved through the goodness of real food. It is said that what you eat shows up on your skin. So, maintaining a healthy diet is very important. A healthy diet is capable of bringing the best version of yourself. NiZen says that healthy eating inspires you to exercise, think positively, live better, sleep well and love more!

One of the most-loved products of the brand,  NiZen collagen noni cream  is a 100% Japanese natural cosmetic cream for the face and body. This collagen cream cleanses, tones, hydrates and nourishes your skin and gives an even skin tone. This cream is a 5-in-1 cream which means that this single product has 5 benefits. It works as a toner, emulsion, serum, gel and foundation. The cream is very good for moisturizing dry and damaged skin. Moreover, it heals acne and blemishes, reduces pores, tightens sagging skin, reduces discoloration from sun damage, freckles, dark patches, scars and other discoloration. The product can be used as a toner post-facial or as a cleanser for makeup removal or used as a base protector before applying foundation. Many Indian customers are loving this Japanese formulation because it is suitable for the Indian climate due to its non-greasy and light texture. Allantoin being its key ingredient allows quick and deep penetration of other ingredients into the skin.

NiZen has drinks for shiny & strong hair, glowing & hydrated skin and strong & healthy nails. Also, it offers high-performance ready-to-drinks for inner beauty and outer strength. Ready to drink immunity boosters for muscles, joints, bones, gut and heart, is one of its most sought-out products.

NiZen’s beauty and wellness products come in the forms of drinks, tablets, premixes, creams and powders. Some of its interesting products are: Probiotic Green Smoothie, Skin Glowing Collagen tablets, Ukon Fix Me- a product for anti-hangover and liver care, Vitamin C+D Fizzy drink, organic Japanese matcha-nature’s green gold.

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