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  1. Pears Fresh Renewal Facewash, 60gm
    Pears Pears Fresh Renewal Facewash, 60gm
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  2. Pears Oil Clear Glow Facewash, 60gm
    Pears Pears Oil Clear Glow Facewash, 60gm
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    Pears Pure and Gentle Facewash, 60gm
    Pears Pears Pure and Gentle Facewash, 60gm
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Buy Pears Products Online

Pears are the best brand to keep your skin youthful and attractive. It is well known for its gentleness and is recommended by doctors and pediatricians around the globe. All the pears products contain pure glycerin and natural oils, which gently hydrate your skin and keep it smooth, while its light aroma and soft foam guarantee that your skin receives the attention it deserves. Pears products in India are so pure that you can practically see through them. 

You can find Pears products online in India on COSSOUQ and give your skin a natural boost of freshness. Pear products online on COSSOUQ have three pure and simple face washes. The first one is the Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash. Since pears are aware of your skin's needs, it gives you the satisfaction of having youthful, radiant, and silky skin. The facewash's pure glycerine moisturizes skin while acting as an ultra-gentle exfoliant to remove blocked impurities and debris. Pears face wash removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing. Since it contains no soap at all, it may be used frequently without drying out the skin or straining it. This face wash is made with a pH-balanced formula that does not interfere with your skin's normal pH balance and leaves luminous skin.

The next face wash is the Pears Oil Clear Glow Facewash. This face wash gently removes excess oil from your skin without drying it out and makes it shiny and silky. It contains Lemon flower extracts, which keep your skin fresh and clear, and gently remove sebum. Its unique, soap-free, oil-clear composition has natural astringent characteristics for skin that looks natural. Since this facewash is completely devoid of soap, you can use it daily.

Lastly, we have the Pears Fresh Renewal Facewash, containing cooling crystals and gentle exfoliating beads. These crystals and beads remove dead skin cells and cleanse your skin. It is 100% soap-free and leaves your skin feeling refreshed after every wash. The best part about this facewash is that the mild exfoliating beads in this daily facewash exfoliate dead skin cells, excess sebum, and other impurities to reveal clear, younger-looking skin that glows. 

Your skin needs the utmost care, and no one understands what's best for your skin more than you. So, buy pears products online in India now from the COSSOUQ website and have all of your skin requirements delivered to your door in the most convenient way. When you buy pears products, you already know that you are making the best choice for your skin, and when you buy them from COSSOUQ, you're receiving the best skin care products with ease.