PeriPera is a brand that contains the sensibility of hip makeup lovers who enjoy the innovative quality and trendy designs at reasonable prices.

Peripera products are always in line with the latest and hottest trends. It develops products that can be enjoyed comfortably and easily.Peripera cosmetics carry trendy designs and are made with innovative quality. These products are priced super reasonably. So you don’t have to worry about your budget to get your hands on these trendy cosmetics.

Peripera ink velvet, the product that has caught the attention of many, gives coloration that lasts for hours. It has powerfully long-lasting ink and comes with fluffy and soft whipped cream wrapping. Available in a variety of colors including rosy nude, classy soft brick, crush burgundy brick and taupe chili brick. Do these lip colors don’t look simply delicious? Yummy….

Haha, thePeripera ink velvetgives clear and rich coloration to your lips, gives a soft, velvety and smooth finish on your lips. These colors remain faithful until the end. Isn’t this all that we want?

There is an interesting story to how the brand name was derived. According to a legend, a fairy named Peri from ancient Persia carried around a magic pouch called Pera and transformed into an alluring woman. Peripera is a total beauty brand that reproduces the magic of the lovely beauty alchemist, Peri, with modern technology.

Based in South Korea, Peripera’s products are well known for their vivid colors and smart formulas. One of its awesome and innovative products is its lipsticks that change shades. Customers are loving Peripera lipsticks’ shades and tint

Customers are loving the easy application, convenience and smell good factor of these products. Customers are also complimenting the smoothness of the products’ texture.

Another product from this fun and bubbly brand, Peripera Ink Tatoo is loved for its long-lasting colors. The colors of the product are so strong and long-lasting, it resembles the long-lasting effects of a tattoo. Peripera foundations are being loved for the impeccable and intensive coverage it gives.

Peripera products have a collection of colors that fits every complexion. Whether you want to be playful, flirty, bold, or timeless, there's surely a Peripera product for you.

Some of the most loved products of the brand are  Peripera ink airy velvet, Peripera lip tintand  Peripera tone-up cream.

Peripera makeup brand, a brand from South Korea, offers cosmetics at reasonable prices. Want trendy quality products? Peripera has got you covered! Peripera knows what's trending and what’s not, what will be loved by today’s beauty lovers and whatnot. Peripera also has products in the categories of lips, eyes, highlighters, cleansing, etc.

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