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    Thank You Farmer True Water Light Gel Cream, 50ml
    Thank You Farmer Thank You Farmer True Water Light Gel Cream, 50ml
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Thank You Farmer - Buy Thank You Farmer Products Online

Thank You Farmer has faith in making items that pay attention to unadulterated and genuine ingredients. Established in the attitude of a farmer, the brand will not pursue faster routes with nature or healthy skin, and on second thought utilizes genuine, dedicated ingredients to assist with reinforcing skin after some time. It is a Korean Company. This brand is cruelty-free and vegan and all products are hypoallergenic. Thank You Farmer flaunts super-regular, organic ingredients to keep up with skin's wellbeing and assist with deferring the cell aging process. Meticulously figured out to give cumulative benefits (rather than promising instant effects), this reach expands skin's versatility and reinforces its guards to speed up, fix and safeguard from the regular natural burdens. Think simple, 'does what it says' skincare for present-day, low-maintenance women. 

Thank You Farmer is a skincare cosmetic brand company that was established Last Mar. 2015 by Mr. Kyu woo Nam, the former Chief Executive Officer Kolmar Korea, and he was C.E.O of Kolmar China and built a great business in China. Over 30 years of experience and Know-how in product development and production of color cosmetic and skincare items, after his profoundly decently acquiescence of Kolmar Group, he chose to make his own image, Thank You Farmer which can lead K-magnificence, putting every one of his experiences of creating over a large number of Global brand item advancements, more than 300 brands Globally and locally in Korea, cooperating Kolmar Korea together. Last Oct. 2015, they completed to launch our first advancement of 30SKU of Skincare line and began to acquaint our brand items with Korea Market, for example, well-known department stores, Watsons, shelters and more domestically and planning to introduce more innovative lines of Men's care & makeup by 2017. Now We are looking for a reliable overseas business partner to expand the Thank You Farmer business globally. 

Talking about the Thank You Farmer products, they are Thank You Farmer sunscreen is a non-greasy cream and has SPF protection, Thank You Farmer sun project water sun cream is a sun cream that protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun and the best part is, it is water-resistant, Thank You Farmer rice toner for removing dirt and improving skin texture, Thank You Farmer gel and cream is a one-stop solution for everyone, that is it can be used as night and day creams and suitable for all skin types, Thank You Farmer eye cream is nourishing cream to keep the eye area hydrated, Thank You Farmer peeling cream provides clear skin tone with the organically derived ingredients. The best part is it is available on our website, head over to our website and bag all these amazing products. And for more latest updates, follow us on Instagram.