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    Beardhood All Natural Mustache And Beard Wax, 30gm
    Beardhood Beardhood All Natural Mustache And Beard Wax, 30gm
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Beard lovers cannot and will not get enough from flaunting their beards. It is not just  facial hair,  it is a point of pride for them actually. And it is very important to give a proper shine to this bushy star of yours. How do you ask? Beard wax is the answer to your question. The ultimate and the most essential product for  beard grooming kit.

The perfect styling partner,  beard wax,  holds the unmanageable facial hair and helps you get a clean and finished look.  Apart from that, there are several other benefits of beard wax. Such as it acts as a layer of protection for your beard against harmful external agents like weather,  pollution,  dust, and dirt particles. Beard wax is a good alternative for the other hairstyling agents like hairsprays, which are harmful in nature for the skin as well as your beard in the longer run. The contents such as beeswax provide with long-lasting effect, so you can flaunt that sleek beard look throughout the day without worrying about frizzy facial hair. Dry beard flakes can be so irritating, but with the beard wax, you can bid them adieu. Since it provides enough hydration to your beard and keeps it  moisturized  throughout the day. And the mix of  essential oils  leaves the earthy  fragrance  lingering all day long. Add shine and style to your beard with the perfect grooming partner.

Though the application of beard wax is not a big task in itself, a few step insights wouldn’t hurt to refer anyway for best results.

Best Beard Wax Products in India

Step 1: Cleanse your beard properly with a  beard wash,  followed by a beard  conditioner  or  softener.  Make sure to use  lukewarm water  and not hot water to retain natural oils.

Step 2: Pat your  beard dry  after cleansing and give it a nice comb to remove tangles and loose hair strands.

Step 3: Take a sufficient amount of the magic product, beard wax, and rub it in between your palms to soften its texture a bit for easy application.

Step 4: Give your beard a  good massage  with the beard wax. See to it that the whole bearded area gets a nice spread and don’t forget to  nourish  the roots as well.

Step 5: After applying the beard wax properly across, again give your beard a nice comb so that any hair strand is not left out and the beard gets a clean finished look.

To get the best results, use beard wax 3 to 4 times a week. This is recommended for beards having a medium length and density. So, you can clearly alter the usage frequency as per your requirement.

Be it the long or short or bushy or thin beard, beard wax is a must-have in a beard lover’s vanity. Now that you know the magic of this product, it is time to go buy yours if you haven’t already! Check out the branded line-up on the online store for skincare productscossouq.