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    MCaffeine mCaffeine coffee scalp scrub, 250gm
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Scalp Scrub – Best Way to Take Care of Scalp Health

Your hair is your crowning glory. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your hair. Sure, but taking care of your hair and taking care of your scalp health is different. You might be using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, but it is not enough for your scalp. Your scalp needs special care to remove dead skin cells and sebum and to prevent it from secreting excess oil. For that, your scalp needs a good exfoliation scrub. What does a scalp exfoliation scrub do? It does a similar job that a body scrub does. It removes excess dirt, dead skin cells, and oil that weakens your root health.  Your skin naturally secretes oil that might as well gather around your roots which might not get cleaned by shampoo. This might affect your hair growth, and in the long run, the damaged hair roots will weaken the follicles leading to hair loss. Hence, a scalp exfoliation scrub does the job. 

Types of Scalp Scrub

Just like your shampoo and conditioner, picking the right type of scalp scrub is essential. And how to find the perfect fit? Well, you first need to identify your scalp type, whether you have thick, coarse hair, oily, flaky, irritated, sensitive, or normal scalp. Accordingly, your scalp will require nourishment. So, consider the following points for whether you are opting for a store-bought or homemade scalp scrub.

Thick, coarse hair

If you have thick hair or coarse, curly hair, you might need something that is foamy enough to soften the hair and reach your roots. Look for hydrating agents like coconut, white tea as well as coffee turns out to be good agents. Mcaffeine scalp scrub could be one good alternative.

Oily Scalp

s a result of overactive sebaceous glands, your scalp feels greasy. What best works for an oily scalp is a scrub with AHA, BHA, and zinc. M

ake sure to check for these contents while picking up your scalp scrub.

Irritated Scalp

An irritated scalp is the result of dryness. You will notice flakes in the roots, which irritate. Those flakes are called dandruff. To soothe an irritated scalp, pick a scrub infused with peppermint, neem, and tea tree oil. Whereas coconut oil, charcoal, and vitamin B-5 will provide the required nourishment to the roots.

Sensitive Scalp

Your scalp might react aggressively towards harsh components due to prevailing sensitivity. For such conditions, you should look for scrubs with hydroxy and salicylic acid since they do not have any harmful effects on the scalp.

Normal Scalp

If your scalp is normal, then a combination of sea salts and soothing hydrating agents such as almond oil is a perfect fit.

How to use a scalp scrub?

When to use scalp scrub, before or after shampoo? How to use scalp scrub? How many times can you use scalp scrub? These are a few of the common questions that often bewilder. So, to answer your first question, scalp scrubs should be used before cleaning your hair with shampoo

Comb your hair thoroughly to remove tangles and separate your hair into sections. Apply scrub gently into the sections and scrub it. You can use a head scrubber for gently massaging and spreading the scrub across. Continue this for a few minutes, and then rinse it. Exfoliation with scalp scrub is suggested once or twice a week.

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