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When visiting a public place, maybe for leisure or work, or commuting (trains, flights, metro stations, or highways), finding a public toilet is always a challenge. Whether going for a trek or running a marathon while traveling (events, road trips), for those with medical conditions, or if a woman is pregnant, it becomes tough and awkward and a matter of concern to use unclean public toilets. Working in offices also leads to using public toilets, which is unhealthy and can lead to various urinary tract infections and yucky experiences. We have found that disposable stand and pee products have been extremely useful in combating this problem.

The best advantage of this invention is that females no longer have to sit and pee in those smelling and dirty toilets, and they can forever get rid of harmful bacteria and dirt in those toilet seats. Though stand and pee products in India are not used by many, the reason being unawareness, since they were introduced only around six years back, their usefulness is appreciable.

You can easily carry the funnel-shaped disposable female urination devices in your handbag. They are discreet, reusable, disposable, and can be used in any public toilet or common bathroom. With its ziplock design, it is super convenient and spillproof. 

Now, you don’t have to bother changing routes to find decent toilets or compromise with unfriendly toilets available at petrol pumps. The female reusable pee buddy fits easily into your purse, glove pouch, or pocket, making it convenient and practical.

The pee cups for traveling are made with soft and flexible thermoplastic rubber, which is reusable and can be easily wiped clean for future uses. Moreover, they are biodegradable and hence can be disposed of easily. Brands like Safe and Stand And Pee are some of the famous brands for these urination devices. Safe stand and pee products are also female urination funnels. A team in Delhi designed the products. They focused on making biodegradable and menstrual-friendly products. The products are gentle on the skin, ensuring zero leakages and spills. Furthermore, it also prevents women from contracting UTIs and other infections.

The urination device is a life savior for women with joint and knee pain as they no longer have to worry about intense pain while sitting in the loo. These products have been designed with working, pregnant, and older women in mind.

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