Sanfe Stand and Pee Biodegradble Urination Funnel for Women - 20 units - for travel, pregnancy, women with knee issues

Why squat on unhygienic public washrooms or suffer knee pain when you can stand and pee?

Don't let the fear of infection from dirty washrooms or knee pain stop you from achieving what you desire. Stand up for yourself using Sanfe's Stand and Pee Urination Funnel.

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When it comes to urination, men are always at an advantage - they can pee without squatting and having to make contact with the commode. Sanfe's Stand and Pee Urinary Device allows women to do the same. The device opens up into a funnel so that women could stand and pee without the risk of UTI and other infections. It is also great for those with knee pain due to the strain of squatting and pregnant women.
Stand and Pee Urination Device is completely leak-proof and incredibly easy to use. Just open, place, pee, dispose and be on your way. The material used is biodegradable and doesn't pollute the environment.

Features :

• Biodegradable - They are made of biodegradable paper which doesn't pollute the enviroment

• Water-resistant - Their surface resists water and moisture and retain their shape

• No Leakage - The unique shape ensure no leakage or spilling

• Easy to use - Just open, place and pee - using the funnels is that easy

  1. EMPOWERS ALL WOMEN - Women of all ages and lifestyle can benefit from Stand and Pee, be they teens, travelling women, pregnant women, or in their senior years.
  2. LEAK-PROOF & HYGIENIC - The material and folding technique makes the device completely leak-proof and ensure a stress-free urination.
  3. EASY TO USE - Just open, place and pee. Using Sanfe Stand and Pee to urinate is that easy!
  4. PREVENTS INFECTIONS - When you stand and pee, you do not make contact with the pot and thus, avoid all infections in your intimate area.
  5. HELPS THOSE WITH KNEE & JOINT PAIN - Beneficial to aged women for whom sitting or squatting on the pot is difficult.
  6. TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - Its sleek packaging and size make it perfect for use while travelling when you need to pack light. No more struggling to find a hygienic public washroom and holding it in.
  7. DISPOSABLE & BIODEGRADABLE - The device is one-time use to ensure utmost hygiene while the material, though sturdy, is biodegradable making it good for the environment.

Benefits :

• No more infection - It saves you from infections & bad experiences at dirty toilets. Sanfe disposable urination funnel keeps you away from infections, UTI, yucky experiences at dirty and public toilets.

• No more squatting - It allows you to urinate while standing up. Female urination portable funnel allows you to urinate while standing up; thus, pregnancy becomes a tad easier.

• No more holding - No more holding urine in search of a clean toilet. Don't hold urine in search of a clean toilet. Just carry Sanfe funnels in your bag and relieve whenever you want.

• No more knee pain - Peeing while standing does not strain the knees. Pee easily while standing and avoid any strain on your knees. It's a blessing for senior women.

User :

• Travelling Women
• Pregnant Women
• Women with joint pain


Step 1 : Open the flaps in the direction of arrows and push using thumb to form a funnel.
Step 2 : Place it in position, under the genitals, with broad side of the funnel facing upwards.
Step 3 : Bend a little towards the commode. Relax and pee.
Step 4 : Dispose the urination device in a dustbin. Do not flush.

More Information
Country of Origin Japan
Gender No Labels Please, Feminine
Age Group Adult
Size Pack of 20
Brands Sanfe
Expiry date 01-07-2025
Name of Mfg / Importer / Brand / Marketer Redroom Technology Pvt Ltd
Address of Mfg / Importer / Brand / Marketer B-49, Somdutt Chamber 1, Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi-110066, India

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